Wednesday, April 15, 2015

K2R Technology- K2R-803 Portable Power Bank with Flashlight Review

I have owned several portable power banks in the past, and I can honestly say that the K2R-803 Cell Phone Portable Charger tops them all! I love that it also doubles as a flashlight for those situations when you really are in an emergency without power. Right out of the box you get the K2R-803 Portable Charger, User Manual, K2R LED USB Micro cable (Suitable for most smartphones), and K2R LED USB Lightning cable (Suitable for iPhone 5/6). There is an easy to find power button on the side of the device, making it quick to power up and start charging!

The charging cables are awesome. They let you know whether or not your device is fully charged by the color of the LED. Red means it is still charging, while blue lets you know the charge is full. The K2R -803 power bank measures 3.4 x 3 inches, which is perfect because it is small, yet big enough to find when you are digging through your purse looking for it.

I tested this portable charger by first using my computer to completely charge it up. Then, I connected my iPhone 5 and let it get to work. My phone was at about 30% power and it seemed like it took the normal amount of time to fully charge it to 100%. It was nice because, there was still about 50% of the power left on the power bank. I like that I would have the ability to fully charge my phone more than once.

Additional Information about the K2R-803 Portable Charger:
  • Lightweight with an incredible 7,800mAh
  • Made only with top grade Lithium Ion Battery Cells
  • Multiple levels of protection built into the charger to keep your phone battery healthy
  • Free 3 Year warranty
  • Equipped with 2 USB ports- allowing you to charge 2 devices at once
  • Added Flashlight feature- Perfect for power outages, emergencies, camping and many others
  • 4 LED light indicators to show remaining charge
  • iK2R - intelligent K2R monitoring system with overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit and over-load Safety protections
  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and other USB-charged devices

The K2R-803 Cell Phone Portable Charger is available for purchase here on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product from in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.


  1. These looks like a great product.

  2. The hubs could use something like this. For some reason where he works it drains his battery so he's constantly charging his devices.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I have been looking into portable power banks.. Thanks for the review!

  4. I love the flashlight feature! Haven't seen one like that in my hometown yet. ^_^

  5. Everyone needs one of these. It would be great for a Mother's Day gift.