Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Planning A Fun Family Picnic

No mess, no clean up, fun for the entire family. These are a few of the many things you look for when choosing a spot for a family picnic; but, it's not only the destination you need to consider. When planning a picnic for the family, there are a few ways to ensure it is easy, stress free, and enjoyable for everyone:

The food -
Go with finger food. Those you don't have to prepare, those which are easy to pack, and those you don't need to bring plates, dishes, and cutlery to eat. Not only will this eliminate the need for packing too much and clean up afterward, you also know the kids are going to enjoy these fun, easy snacks.

Have the kids help -
Let them prepare a few fun snacks (ants on a log or Peanut butter balls). They are going to choose projects you can do together, foods they are bound to enjoy, and you are also going to have fun preparing for the day with them.

Active spot -
Choose a destination everyone can enjoy. Whether it is a park with attractions, water slides, or other activities for the kids, or a beach where you can take a dip in the water after eating, choose a destination everyone will appreciate.

Go disposable -
Plates, forks, cups, napkins. Make the clean up and prep work as simple as possible. Choose disposable items you can toss at the end of the day. No worry, no stress, easy for everyone who is preparing and doing the clean up afterward. If you plan on going on a few picnics in the summer with your family then it might not be best to go disposable. Why not take a look at some of the picnic sets on offer. In the long run a good picnic basket set will save you money.

You want a day of fun in the sun, and a day everyone will enjoy to spend together. By making things stress free and simple, not only are you going to enjoy the day when planning and preparing, the kids are also going to enjoy the time they spend together with you as well.

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