Sunday, July 26, 2015 Quality, Affordable Clothing!

No matter what I am looking to purchase, I am always searching for a great deal on quality items., is the perfect one stop, online shop, for all of my clothing needs. They offer a wide variety of quality clothing items at prices that are $5.99 or below! The merchandise is high quality and all brand new. They are able to offer these affordable prices due to their long standing relationships with manufacturers mostly based out of their headquarters in Los Angeles, CA to companies based all over the world. They purchase in bulk to sell and ship directly to us, their customers.

I was given the opportunity to review 5 pieces of clothing from any of their available stock on It was tough to make a decision, they have everything from apparel, accessories, beauty, jewelry, mens, plus size, kids clothing, and even lingerie!  I decided to try out 3 tops, a pair of fleece lined leggings, and a nice work appropriate jacket. I was thoroughly impressed with each piece! The fabric was soft and well stitched. I loved how their available clothing keeps up with all the latest trends and ready for anything.

One of the shirts I got to review from was the All Sheer Lace Top in orange. I love the material, and that I can easily adapt it to match any outfit by changing the color cami that I am wearing. The shirt is a bit longer, making it perfect to wear with my new Seamless Fleece Leggings! These are my absolute favorite leggings. They are thick and will surely keep me warm this winter. The material is warm and stretches to fit any size. I am a bit on the taller side- at 5 foot 8 inches and length is something I often times struggle with. Not with these leggings! They are long and comfy.

I also got two additional tops that would be perfect for the workplace. The blue on is the a 3/4 blouse with a beautiful lace backing. The shirt is made of a soft cotton and the lace is detailed with flowers. It is a great shirt to wear to work and gives a very professional vibe. The white top is knitted and would be perfect for all seasons. It does keep you warm and fashionable!

599fashion is the perfect site for anyone searching for affordable, comfortable clothing. They have hundreds of styles to choose from and will be sure to have something to suit your style! I know how hard it can be to find a reliable, cheap online shopping site. This is the site you have been looking for! I know I will be placing my next clothing order soon!

Be sure to check them out and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Cook! Giveaway- Ends 8/23/15

Don't miss your chance to #Win over $400 in prizes in the #LetsCook #Giveaway Enter before it ends 8/23
Let's Cook! Giveaway

Grand Prize Package Worth Over $300
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Enter to Win One of These Two Incredible Prize Packages!
Either One Would Make the Perfect Gift for Newlyweds, College Freshmen, or that Hard to Buy for Cook on Your List

There's Even Something For the Littlest Cook on Your List!

BYB E-41 Series Clip-on 4 LED Light
BYB E-41 Series Clip-on 4 LED Light
  • ★ BONUS AND UPGRADED. Free AC Adapter, USB cord, Multifunction Clean Cloth Included. Featuring the Rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium Ion built in battery, NO MORE BUYING BATTERIES!
  • ★ MULTIPLE, CLIP-ON OR FREE STANDING. Fully Adjustable and Light Weight, Folds Into an Easy-to-carry Accessory Making Travelling with This Light So Convenient. Perfect for Your Guitar Accessories Kit, Students Dorm Room, Music Rehearsals or for Those Away Trips for Work. Charge Your New LED Light with the USB Charge Cable or the BONUS FREE AC Adaptor
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY AND SUPER BRIGHT 8 LEDs. 2 LEVELS of BRIGHTNESS, Equiped with 2*4 World Class LED Chips, Super Brightness, The Optical Grade Lens Provides Evenly Distributed Light with No Hot Spots
  • ★ LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT. Clips to Your Hard Cover Books, Sheet Music Stand, Craft Table, Work Bench, Bed Headboard (maximum 1 inch in thickness) or Laptop. Great for Music Stands, Pianos, Orchestra Pits, Reading, Work Tables, Mixing Tables, Craft Tables etc. It truly is a multi-purpose light for so many things.
My Thoughts:
These easy to position and reposition lights are perfect for getting more light where you need it. The nice size of the clip makes it simple to attach to the side of a bowl, a cabinet handle, a book, grill, or just about anywhere that you want. I don't have enough light under my cabinets at night so I found it very helpful to clip this light onto my cutting board while doing prep for dinner the other night. I found the well built clip to be strong and that the lights stayed in the position that I set them at.
Set of 6 1EasyLife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
Set of 6 1EasyLife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
  • ★ MAKING A PERFECT DISH WILL NEVER BE A DOWNFALL. Preparing a dish requires following direction and right measurement, Luckily with 1Easylife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons cooking will be quick and gives you an accurate measure for recipes without the hassle
  • ★ SAY NO TO COOKING NIGHTMARES. Introducing the elegant and stylish measuring spoons, A perfect set of 6 stainless steel, highly satin brushed with best quality, Look amazing and easy to clean plus the weight handle making measuring out dry ingredients easy and accurate measure marking in different spoon sizes. long lasting and durable and used by professionals.
  • ★ YOUR FAVORITE MEASURING INGREDIENTS. The 6-piece 1Easylife Stainless-Steel Measuring Spoon Set is designed with innovative round-shaped spoon heads that reach into narrow spice jars and other small containers. These spoons are conveniently connected by a small ring which helps to keep the spoons together as a set after a full day of baking or cooking. 1Easylife includes 6 measuring sizes: 1/8-tsp, 1/4-tsp, 1/2-tsp, 1-tsp, 1/2-Tbsp. and 1-Tbsp. With each measurement conveniently marked on the handle of each spoon, there's no guesswork when adding spices to your dishes. Dishwasher-safe.

My Thoughts:
I've have had a set of name brand plastic measuring spoons since I set up house keeping more than twenty years ago. Getting me to part with them wasn't going to be easy, but always willing to try new things I gave these a test drive. I found the 1Easlife measuring spoons to be nicely weighted and with the length of the handles I was able to reach into containers with ease. I really like that they take up much less space than my old set and are much easier to get clean. After comparing the two it may be time to retire my old ones.
Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer by Chef DeTemple
Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer by Chef DeTemple
  • PREVENT OVERCOOKING - Don't ruin an elegant meal or backyard barbecue by serving dry, tough, overcooked meat. If you only use cooking time to determine doneness, you could end up with some pieces being cooked perfectly and others over or underdone - not to mention burnt! You can easily avoid this by using a meat thermometer. When cooked to the proper temperature, meat will stay juicy and tender.
  • PREVENT ILLNESS - Using a food thermometer greatly reduces your risk of foodborne illness associated with bacteria. The harmful bacteria found in contaminated food can only survive up to a certain temperature, and using a food thermometer is the only way to be 100-percent sure that your food is safe to eat.
  • EASY TO USE - Large LCD display for easy-to-read numbers - No More Squinting! Function buttons include On/Off, Hold and °C/°F conversion. Auto shut-off after 10 minutes saves battery life. Uses (1) AAA battery.
  • MEASURING RANGE AND ACCURACY - Instant read in only 4-7 seconds accurately measuring range of temperatures between -58°F-572°F (-50°C-300°C). Long stainless steel probe to keep your hands safe from heat!
My Thoughts:
My thermometer arrived the day I was making fried green tomatoes so I used it to make sure that my oil was at the proper temperature. If it's to cold the tomatoes get mushy before the breading gets brown and if it's to hot the outside  burns and the tomatoes are hard. I had bragged to my west coast boyfriend how awesome mine were so getting it right was important. My reputation as a southern cook was on the line! I found that this thermometer was easy to use. I just put one AAA battery in it, turned it on, and flipped open the probe. When I placed the tip in the oil I had a reading in seconds and with the nice big readout I didn't need my glasses to see it. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone with confidence.
Wood Chef Hand-crafted Ripple-cut Gourmet Cheese Slicer
Wood Chef Hand-crafted Ripple-cut Gourmet Cheese Slicer
  • Cutting tool for cheese that gives the cheese a wavy texture
  • Durable and replaceable stainless steel wire with adjustable tension
  • Carefully handmade in the USA from beautiful, natural wood/brass/stainless steel.
  • Adjustable tension, stainless steel wire stays tight to carve neat, enticing, wavy slices every time.
  • Comfortable grip for all ages, hand-held, light-weight, and simple to use.
  • Thin or thick slices carved, depending on how you angle the slicer into the cheese.
  • Safe for children. No sharp edges.
  • Perfect tool for creating sandwiches, pizza, crackers, snacks, use at parties and picnics. . 
  • Awesome gift at low cost for Christmas presents, birthdays, weddings, office, or any special occasion.
  • Durable quality will last for years and won't wear out.
  • Choose from wild cherry wood, black walnut, or try both!

My Thoughts:
With so many of or utensils now having plastic composite handles I hold onto my old ones that have real handles and find myself going back to using them. I just love the feel of wood and have been known to spend a lot of money just to purchase one brand of knife that has a wood handle. So when my cheese slicer arrived I couldn't wait to test it. It works for all types of cheese so I got out some block cheese that I had in the fridge to see how well it worked and felt in my hand.  It worked wonderfully and what fun slices! We often do cheese and fruit for snacks and since it is safe for the little ones to use I can't wait for my grandchildren to come over at use it to make their own fun snacks.
Bitpsy Professional Jumbo Lemon Squeezer
Bitpsy Professional Jumbo Lemon Squeezer
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - This Premium Lemon squeezer made out of the strongest material available and WILL NOT BREAK when squeezing. This hand polished Citrus Juicer will not peel or rust.
  • SO EASY TO USE - No matter if you choose to squeeze lemons, limes or blood oranges, this Btipsy Lemon Squeezer will make your job so easy. Fits for both kids and old men, This Squeezer is so convenient to use and with an effortless squeeze you can get every bit of juice out of the fruit.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Once finished using the Lemon Juicer, it's very easy to clean it by hand or just placing it inside the dishwasher since this Lemon Squeezer is DISHWASHER SAFE. So feel free to clean it whatever you'd like.

My Thoughts:
The all metal construction makes this juicer strong and durable. Plus, since it is made out of stainless steel I get longevity and don't have to worry about it rusting. With a very small kitchen I have very limited drawer space in my home. The hook makes it easy to hang off off one of my many cup hooks that are on every open spot in my kitchen. We eat a lot of fish and salads that we use fresh squeezed lemon and orange for and having it hanging and not hidden in a drawer keeps it handy. I found that the nice big handles were easy to grasp and squeeze so that I could get all the juice out.
Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
  • This eco friendly cutting board can handle just about everything in your kitchen, from slicing cheese to carving bone-in beef roasts.
  • Highly durable. Made with premium, hand selected odor-resistant organic bamboo, harder than maple wood
  • Durable stainless steel handle for easy grip
  • Made from 100% high quality antimicrobial recyclable bamboo with Non-Toxic food grade adhesive - starch from a sweet potato
  • Easy to clean and maintain - Easily wash and clean off bacteria and food particles with some hot water and soap then let it air dry.

My Thoughts:
In the last few years, bamboo has become one of the most popular materials for cutting boards because of it's low maintenance, superior health and sanitation qualities. Not only does it look good but it is a green, renewable and earth friendly material. The hardness of a bamboo cutting board, plus the fact that it very resistant to bacteria makes it a must have in my kitchen. I tested my new board by cutting some yellow squash, zucchini, and cucumbers with a brand new ceramic knife and could not find one mark from doing it. All you have to do is make a habit of never letting it soak and wiping it dry after washing  and with this easy, proper care this board will stay beautiful for years.
VOS Professional Classic 8 Inch Ceramic Chef's Knife
VOS Professional Classic 8 Inch Ceramic Chef's Knife

  • Sharpness - Our ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade will retain its original sharpness up to 15 times longer than steel blades.
  • Purity - Rust-proof, will never brown foods, impervious to acids and oils, no metallic taste or smell. Advanced ceramic is a pure & healthy alternative.
  • Lightweight - Typically half the weight of metal-based knives, offers total ease of use with the most difficult cutting tasks. Ergonomic handles produce a well-balanced, highly controlled grip.
  • Easy to Clean - The fact that advanced ceramic does not absorb any food element, allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel.
  • 8 Inch Chef Ceramic knife For slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

My Thoughts:
This is my first ceramic knife so I wanted to know what some of the advantages of a ceramic knife were. I found out that they include hardness, ceramic is second only to diamonds; weight, it's much lighter than metal; durability, because these knives keep their razor sharp edge and will not wear out like metal; no metal means no rust; and the ability to resist stains and odors. Because each ceramic knife goes through a long manufacturing process which makes it high end you can expect quality and longevity from your knife. I tested my new ceramic knife by cutting some yellow squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. Even with difficulties from injuries with my hands I found the handle was very easy to hold and grip. It sliced the veggies with ease and with very little pressure from me. With my garden producing lots of vegetables this will be my new go to knife for prepping them. 

The Learning Journey Play and Learn Shopping Basket Playset
The Learning Journey Play and Learn Shopping Basket Playset
Kids can enjoy the complete shopping experience with the Play & Learn Shopping Basket! Our kid-sized Shopping Basket is easy to carry with its lightweight plastic construction and big handles. Fun Accessories include a variety of plastic and cardboard food items. Ages 3+ years.
  • 24 plastic and cardboard play food items
  • Large handles for easy carrying
  • Encourages imagination
  • Durable, lightweight plastic construction

My Thoughts:
This is perfect for getting  the little cook in your home playing, imagining, and creating. The basket is made from thick plastic making it strong and durable. The food that comes with it is sure to keep them entertained for hours. I've ordered many imaginary milk shakes and french fries playing drive thru with my grandchildren so I know they are going to love playing grocery with all these fun items. I really like the bright and bold colors. They are very appealing and fun.
Elegant Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
Elegant Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS AND STAINLESS STEEL GRINDER SET This glass and stainless steel salt and pepper grinder set features a modern design and is stylish and elegant enough for kitchen-to-table use! Each set contains one salt grinder and one pepper grinder which can hold 3/4 cup of salt, peppercorns or any other spice, in its generously sized glass reservoir. *Salt and pepper not included.
  • BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE AND FUNCTION Unlike other grinder sets, this pair has their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food -- not all over your table. The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive, won't absorb flavors and is easily adjustable from a fine to coarse grind.
  • EASY REFILLING WITH NO MESSES Don't you hate constantly having to refill your salt and pepper grinders? Standing about 5 1/4 inches tall this set is the perfect size to cut down on constant refills without being bulky. When you do have to refill, the clear glass bodies will let you know when it's time! The stainless steel top easily screws off revealing a wide opening for easy and mess-free refills.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN With its brushed stainless steel encasing, glass body and ceramic grinder, this unique duo is a professional, sleek addition to any kitchen, with a stainless steel lid that truly "caps" off this beautiful set. No tacky electrical grinders here means no batteries required--only a few effortless twists with your hand to experience that fresh himalayan salt, pepper, or other spice.

My Thoughts:
I just ordered this beautiful set on the twentieth and am so excited to try them. Don't they look amazing? I wasn't able to get them tested before the giveaway deadline but wanted to give two readers a chance to win a set for themselves. Please visit the review here to see what I thought of them.
Don't miss your chance to #Win over $400 in prizes in the #LetsCook #Giveaway Enter before it ends 8/23

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Let's Cook! Giveaway

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Dates: July 24th 9 AM Eastern Time - August 23rd 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Grand Prize Package
Set of 6 1EasyLife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
Chef DeTemple Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer
BYB E-41 Series Clip-on 4 LED Light
Blue Iguazu Hand-crafted Ripple-cut Gourmet Cheese Slicer
Bitpsy Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer
CasaQoqo Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
VOS Professional Ceramic Chef's Knife 8 Inch
The Learning Journey Play and Learn Shopping Basket Playset
Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Second Prize Package
CasaQoqo Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
VOS Professional Ceramic Chef's Knife 8 Inch
Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

I would like to give a big Thank You to all the blogs
participating in this giveaway!

Let's Cook! Giveaway

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Puna Inc- Deluxe Butane Power Torch Giveaway- Ends 7/30/15

The bloggers promoting this giveaway were not compensated for this post.  


Host: Here We Go Again...Ready?

Sponsor: Puna Inc

Co-host: Jingle Jangle Jungle

I am a complete fire bug. This would be an awesome addition to my home! Whether you want to make creme brulee or have a DIY project in mind the Puna Inc Deluxe Butane Power Torch will give you the results you want! To see Here We Go Again...Ready's full review click here. Puna Inc is also giving you a discount on the Puna Inc Deluxe Butane Power Torch with Built in Ignition System! Save 55% off by using code MINTHALF ! What an amazing deal for everyone!
One lucky reader will win a Puna Inc Deluxe Butane Power Torch! This giveaway is US, 18 or older. Only one entrant per household. Giveaway ends on 7/30 11:59 PM EST . Winner will be notified by email and has 24 hours to respond. If there is no response during that time a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck Everyone!!  

The bloggers promoting this giveaway are not responsible for prize distribution. The sponsor will be responsible to distribute the prize. This contest is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CoffeeCrazy's Organic & Fair Trade French Roast Coffee Review

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning?? I always make sure that I am well prepared. I hand grind my coffee the night before and then set the timer on the coffee maker to go off bright and early in the morning. It makes getting up so much easier, knowing that there is a treat waiting for me!
CoffeeCrazy sources the finest, organic fair trade certified premium beans from around the world, and through Amazon, they can be delivered straight to your front door. It arrives in a resealable 12oz bag filled with whole coffee beans. They are perfect for brewing your next fresh cup of French Roast coffee.

CoffeeCrazy's French Roast blend is comprised of a secret blend of 100% organically grown Central & South American specialty beans. From their description, it is a medium/full body blend, with a nice low acidity. CoffeeCrazy participates in Fair Trade practices to help farming families across Latin America, Africa and Asia improve the quality of life in their communities. They are also a USDA Certified Organic facility as well as a NON-GMO.
CoffeeCrazy is a company I can support. With their efforts to help support farming families and continue fair trade practices, I know that my money is going in the right hands. The coffee tastes wonderful and rich. I will surely be purchasing more once I run out!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Body Utopia- All Natural Bath & Body Products

My Body Utopia is a family run business that strives to create beautiful, natural products that you will surely be proud to use on your entire family. Their promise is: "We guarantee you'll love our selection! Our products are hand-made with love and simple ingredients you can pronounce!"

I love that they are making products with all natural ingredients- and something that I can actually pronounce! I hate when I am not sure what I am putting on my body. It makes it hard to tell if it is really safe for me and my family or not. This is why I was so happy when I was given the opportunity to try out 2 of My Body Utopia's products for review. I selected the Sparkling Meadows Deodorant and Crazy Clean Cotton whipped Shea Cream.

Lets start with the Sparkling Meadows Deodorant:

I do not oftentimes find deodorants that I like to use. I hate how hard sticks feel when applied and I cannot stand gel/liquid sticks. This deodorant seems to be the perfect mix. It has a soft creamy texture that is easy to apply and does not clump up. It lasts all day and the smell is just right, a clean fresh scent. The ingredients are: Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Baking soda, Bentonite Clay, Floral fragrance. Seeing as I am able to pronounce them all, My Body Utopia has done their job! Check out the listing HERE to purchase some for yourself. At a price of only $6.99, this is a great alternative to store bought deodorant.

Next up, Crazy Clean Cotton Whipped Shea Cream:

This is a thick, whipped shea butter that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The smell is just as you would think from the name, fresh laundry! I have never used a lotion with this scent before and now I think I am hooked! It is really lovely. Once again, the ingredients are short and sweet: Unrefined Shea Cream, Jojoba oil, Unrefined Cocoa Butter and Clean Cotton fragrance. If your looking to try an all natural shea butter be sure to check out their entire selection HERE. They are reasonably priced at $9.99 each.

In addition to the two products that I have reviewed, My Body Utopia also offers a selection of lip balms, soaps, specialty soaps and toothpaste for purchase. Everything is available for purchase at:

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Perennial Essentials-6-piece Colorful Kitchen Utensil Set Review

I have been looking for a some sort of kitchen utensil stand for some time now. They seem to be the perfect way to keep your kitchen organized, while also having everything you need for cooking readily available to you. A mix of convenience and style, all wrapped into one.

This is where the 6-Piece Colorful Kitchen Utensil Set from Perennial Essentials comes in! It has everything you need for your kitchen, available on one handy spinning stand. Not only does it come with the stand, but also the utensils to put on it!
Since the day it arrived in the mail and I got the set out of the box, it has been sitting on my counter, displayed proudly. I love the convenience and that I no longer have to dig through my drawers trying to find the correct utensil. This set includes a spaghetti server- perfect for making any type of pasta without it flying all over the place, a ladle for serving your favorite soup, a solid spoon, slotted spoon, slotted spatula, and standard flexible spatula that would be perfect for pancake flipping!

The handles are brightly colored, thick and sturdy. They are rubberized for easy handling and a non-slip grip. I really love that the when you are using them to cook and set them down on the counter, the top does not make contact with the surface of the counter. This prevents unnecessary messes and extra cleanup time! If you are interested in purchasing a set for yourself, be sure to check out their Amazon Listing HERE, for the quality, I believe that this is a great price for the 6 piece set!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm063b7d7ae9cd5ea74e1f879c52a91917

Monday, July 6, 2015

Thermafuse Fixxe Volume Mousse Review & Giveaway- Ends 7/20

Being a girl, we all know we do things daily that end up damaging our hair. From heat styling, curling, applying damaging products and even using chemical laden shampoo & conditioners, we could be treating ourselves and our hair a little better! Beauty Care Choices is there to help you find a healthy medium between looking good and being good for you.
Thermafuse Fixxe is a brand made to protect and repair heat styled hair. You get an infusion of natural looking body even if your hair is fine or thin. While it is designed for thinner hair, using it on my average hair produced great results. I had extra volume and felt confident that I wasn't damaging my hair any further while using my diffuser! Thermafuse creates instant volume while adding heat protection and conditioning.

To use the product, you apply a couple pumps onto your damp hair and style as usual. The mousse is a bit runnier than other mousses that I have used in the past, however it works just the same. I love that it does not leave you with sticky residue or crunchy hair.

Beauty Care Choices has been kind enough to offer my readers a chance to win a bottle of Thermafuse Fixxe for themselves! To enter, see the widget below. You must be 18+ and a resident of the US. Giveaway ends Monday 7/20/15, 11:59PM EST. Good Luck!
Thermafuse Fixxe Volume Mousse Giveaway Disclosure: Polkadotpinks received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Polkadotpink's is not responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. Winner information will be forwarded onto the sponsor and they will contact the winner with further details regarding prize fulfillment.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Old Factory Candles- Bake Shop Review

Candles are one of my favorite household items. They make the perfect gift. I don't know how anyone could be disappointed with receiving a brand new candle! When I was given the chance to review any set of Old Factory Candles of my choosing, I was so happy! With over 15 different sets to pick from, it was a tough choice! I ended up selecting the Bake Shop set with sugar cookie, chocolate fudge and cinnamon crisp. They smell exactly as you would expect- delicious!

I have to say that is the most adorable candle set I have ever owned! Despite their small size, they pack a powerful punch. They seem to burn quite slowly and the scents carry well. I love that I can burn these candles and my house instantly smells like I've been baking in the kitchen all day. The all natural soy wax burns great, leaving behind no residue. They are small, but each candle has a burn time of over 25 hours. I know that I will definitely be purchasing a few sets for gifts this holiday season!

About the Candles:

  • Handmade in the USA with natural soy wax and self-trimming cotton candle wicks. 
  • Lead-free so you can feel good about enjoying the warm, flickering glow of these candles with your family. Made only with premium fragrance oils.
  • Each gift pack comes with 3 fragrance-themed candles. They each burn clean for 25 to 30 hours. 
  • Every purchase is 100% Guaranteed. If you are not completely thrilled with the fragrance or appearance of these candles, Old Factory insists that you send them back (at their expense) and will give you a full refund.
Disclaimer: I received this product from in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.

Switch-A-Rooz Giveaway! Ends 7/16/15

#SwitchARooz Giveaway
Switch-A-Rooz™ characters look just like your favorite wild animals, with realistic coloring and life-like features.
2 Winners! #SwitchARooz All Your Friends Come In Twos #Giveaway ends 7/16
Fantasy Switch-A-Rooz characters have colorful coats of fur and large glittery eyes to bring their magical qualities to life. Each realistic Switch-A-Rooz character has a unique inner strength and a BFF to help them take on challenges in the Land of Rooz.
I received Dash & Dots for my review and found that this 7" stuffed animal had nice tight stitching and was easy to switch from one animal to another. My grandchildren 2 boys and 3 girls range in age from 4 to 10 and all of them want one of the Switch-A-Rooz for their very own. Kids of all ages are sure to love these fun and cuddly stuffed animals!
2 Winners! #SwitchARooz All Your Friends Come In Twos #Giveaway ends 7/16

Welcome To The
Switch-A-Rooz Giveaway
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Prize: Switch-A-Rooz™ character of your  choice
List Price $15 each

I would like to give a big Thank You to all the blogs participating in this giveaway!
Switch-A-Rooz Giveaway

Disclaimer: PaulaMS' Giveaways, Reviews, and Freebies nor any blog promoting this giveaway, is not responsible for the awarding of the prize. Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment.
Disclosure of Material Connection: PaulaMS’ received the product mentioned above for free to facilitate the writing of this review. Regardless, She only recommends products or services that she uses personally and believes will add value to readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ISA Professional- XANADU 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum Review

I have had the opportunity to try quite a few serums, lotions, and creams in the past, but I have to say that this is the most unique. I had never heard of adding gold to a serum before, but it is a treat! The gold flakes and artistic bottle give the XANADU serum a very sophisticated appearance, ISA Professional really does live up to their name. I mean, from just the bottle alone I am itching to give it a try.

About the Product:

  • 24K Gold Serum: Vitamin C - PH balanced and highly absorbable. Brightens skin, combats wrinkles and dark spots. Vitamin E moisturizes.
  • Rose Extract soothes the skin and gives the Xanadu serum a delightful natural scent.
  • Hyaluronic Acid captures and holds up to 1000 times its volume in moisture to your skin.
  • The Perfect Vitamin C Serum for your face, made from Organic botanical extracts and leading-edge technology.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor stimulates new cell growth.
This product is very easy to use and smells nice as well. It is recommended to apply 1 pump both morning and night and to avoid the eye area. As an added bonus it can be used as a foundation primer. This is great because it is one less product that you have to purchase! I am really amazed that the serum contains real gold. It is truly a luxury! The serum does leave my skin feeling moisturized and well nourished. If you are interested in purchasing a bottle for yourself, be sure to check out their Amazon listing HERE.

Disclaimer: I received this product from in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.