Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CoffeeCrazy's Organic & Fair Trade French Roast Coffee Review

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning?? I always make sure that I am well prepared. I hand grind my coffee the night before and then set the timer on the coffee maker to go off bright and early in the morning. It makes getting up so much easier, knowing that there is a treat waiting for me!
CoffeeCrazy sources the finest, organic fair trade certified premium beans from around the world, and through Amazon, they can be delivered straight to your front door. It arrives in a resealable 12oz bag filled with whole coffee beans. They are perfect for brewing your next fresh cup of French Roast coffee.

CoffeeCrazy's French Roast blend is comprised of a secret blend of 100% organically grown Central & South American specialty beans. From their description, it is a medium/full body blend, with a nice low acidity. CoffeeCrazy participates in Fair Trade practices to help farming families across Latin America, Africa and Asia improve the quality of life in their communities. They are also a USDA Certified Organic facility as well as a NON-GMO.
CoffeeCrazy is a company I can support. With their efforts to help support farming families and continue fair trade practices, I know that my money is going in the right hands. The coffee tastes wonderful and rich. I will surely be purchasing more once I run out!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.

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