Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FSL Xylem- Wooden Earbud Review

Did you ever wonder why some of the best high end stereo's and speaker systems are constructed of wood, yet most headphones are made of cheap plastic? Wood does a better job of resonating and producing high quality sound, which is why it is used in the production of some musical instruments. For example, the wooden body of an acoustic guitar resonates the sound produced by the strings, amplifying the notes so that they can be heard at a much further range.

This is also the case with FSL Xylem's Wooden Earbuds. Their wooden chamber really puts out a full sound, bass included. I also love the unique design, specifically made to reflect bass and absorb high frequencies. Using wood is also an eco-friendly alternative, doing a little bit more to help the environment.

There is a small remote connected to the cord on the earbuds. I tested its capabilities on my iPhone 5c and they all worked perfectly. To play or pause, press once. Press twice to skip to the next track, and three times to go back a track. When someone's calling pressing once answers the call and pressing and holding declines the call. FSL Xylem's wooden headphones come in a small carrying pouch and also come with 3 different size ear pieces. These would make a fantastic gift for any music lover. In addition, they offer a 3 year warranty and lifetime customer service. That is an offer that cannot be beat!

Disclaimer: I received this product from in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions.