Friday, February 13, 2015

Using the Internet to Make Money: Get Paid to Take Surveys, Recieve Texts, etc.

There are a number of sites claiming to pay you to take surveys and provide 'easy money' but is it really true?
While its possible to make a living taking surveys, it is possible to make some extra spending money, and maybe even enough to cover gifts for the holidays and birthdays!
I started finding survey sites over a year ago and can say that you do get paid and it can be worth it!

Here are some of my favorites:

Free Eats- This one is quick and easy. You get paid $1 when you sign up and get a text. They send text surveys every once in a while. I am still figuring out how it works but I've made about $4 by just receiving texts.

Opinion Outpost-You only need 100 points in your account to cash out, which would be $10. I love that this site deposits direct to PayPal within minutes.

American Consumer Opinion- 1000 points is equal to $10 dollars on this site. You do have to wait for them to send you a check. I like this one because you sometimes have the opportunity to test out new products for companies.

IM Report Card Research - Surveys are rewarded in terms of dollars, not points. So it is easy to know how much money you are making. With just $10 you can cash out with either Amazon gift cards, Dining Dough, or a Prepaid Debit card.

Paid ViewPoint-While each survey only gets you a couple cents, they only take about a minute to complete. Sometimes you get surveys worth a few dollars. Once you get to $15 you can cashout straight to PayPal.

Send Earnings-This one takes a bit longer to earn enough to cash out. You need $30 to request a check. It is nice because you get paid 2 cents per email you open, and there are options to get paid to play games, search, accept offers and take surveys.

Survey Savvy-This company sends out some high paying surveys, although they can be more rare. You can request a check at any time and it will be mailed right away.

Do you have any sites to recommend? I'd love to give them a try!

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  1. This is handy. I've often wondered whether these survey opportunities online are worth it or not.

  2. Thanks for sharing I will have to check some of these out

  3. Good to know! I've heard of Free Eats, but wasn't sure if I trusted it. I'm glad to know it's working for you!

  4. I tried taking surveys online at some point but it was so time consuming so I stopped!

  5. I have never tried taking surverys - I don't want to get anymore spam email. I would love to make extra cash. If you don't mind me asking about how much have you made taking these surverys?

    1. It all depends on the amount of time you want to put into it. I tend to wait until they send me an email that there is an available survey. IMReportCard & Opinion Outpost are the ones I use the most- I have been paid about $100-150 from each of them in the past year. It is nice to have a little extra.

  6. I don't use any of these, but I wear out my Shopkick app like crazy! You get points for walking into certain stores and for scanning certain products (no purchase necessary), which you can redeem for gift cards!