Sunday, February 15, 2015

Miracle Care- Pet Nail Shaper Review

Keeping up with your dog's nails can be hard at times. They should be trimmed on a regular basis to ensure that they do not break off causing a lot of pain for your pet. Miracle Corp offers products to make taking care of your pets nails on your own simple and easy! After trimming your dog's nails, The Miracle Care Nail Shaper is the perfect tool to finish your at home pet-pampering. It quickly and easily filed down the sharp edges left after using nail trimmers.

This is the perfect tool if your pets are easily skitzed out by the loudness of motorized nail grinders. It works silently as you spin it around your dog's nails. I had no trouble using this product. My golden retriever was almost oblivious to the whole procedure!

Additional product details from the Miracle Care website:
-The innovative Nail Shaper by Miracle Care is specially contoured to fit all pet nails. Gently twist away sharp ends and rough edges that can scratch people, furniture and floors.
-No matter how sharp the tool, clipping hard, brittle nails can leave rough edges. Motorized nail grinders are noisy and when used improperly can catch hair or even burn.
-The Nail Shaper's manual design allows pet owners to take control of the pressure and twisting action needed to take away rough edges silently and painlessly.
-Designed for all breeds, simply insert the nail into the contoured barrel and twist to shape and smooth edges. Use after clipping for just out of the grooming salon results.

Be sure to check out their website and the product on Amazon as well.

Disclaimer: I received this product from Tomoson in exchange for my honest review. All opinions conveyed are my own genuine impressions. This post may contain affiliate links.  


  1. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing this. My furbabies hate when I get the clippers.

  2. this looks great. I may have to try it out

  3. now this is pretty cool, clipping the dogs nails is a challenge around here

  4. Oh neat!! I'll have to check this out...thanks :)

  5. My mom's pets would definitely benefit from this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am not sure my dogs would enjoy this...nor would I enjoy trying to get them to do it!! :P

    1. It does require a bit of patience! I am lucky that my dog just continued her nap and pretended that I wasn't there while I filed down her nails!

  7. We don't trim the nails as often as we should.