Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WiFi Lighting - The Future is Now

Wi-Fi lights are no longer a thing of the future, they are already available. So, for those who want to live in a connected home, wireless home, and want to buy the best Wi-Fi lights on the market, here are a few brands to consider when investing in new lighting.

Cree Connected -
The soft LED light has a dimmable switch, is easy to use and install, easy to connect to your network and is bright, yet "soft." It is reasonably priced in this expansive market, and with a simple hub to connect to your Wi-Fi network, even those who aren't in tune with the latest technology will find it easy to use these bulbs. Wi-Fi lights have become more popular in homes because they can brighten up an area without having to redecorate.

Flux Bluetooth -
The LED light bulb is easy to install, and even easier to use. You can choose from different moods, ambiance settings, lighting and dimming options, pulsating features, and many other fun ways to light up the home. You can even share color transitions with other users if you choose. Fun, easy to use, and a reasonable price for this great bulb to light up your home.

TP-Link Smart -
It works with Alexa, so if you are truly the person who needs to be the first to own the latest technology, you got it right here. The easy to use integrated app allows you to connect it to all smart devices you own. With 50 and 60 W options, you can light up from anywhere, turn off lights from anywhere, and with dimming options and various colour varieties, you can truly light up your home any way you desire.

There are so many new products coming out on a daily basis. For those in search of ease of use, easy set up, and affordability in the wi fi lighting market, these are a few great options to consider.

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