Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Real Thing Natural Pet Treats Giveaway- Ends 4/21

Healthy Pets are Happy Pets. That's why all pets deserve amazing healthy treats. I discovered The Real Thing Natural Pet Treats. These are super healthy and provide a lot of great benefits for your animals. All Natural Healthy Gourmet Dog Treats made with Real Beef in the U.S.A.. These are Gluten Free, GMO Free and Grain Free. I am so happy to feed these to my pup, and she is just as excited as me!
What's really special about these treats is that this is a recipe handed down over the past 400+ years and made with 100% pure American Lean Beef. No stinky off-cuts, or nasty ingredients. Your dog will taste the goodness of these jerky treats and you will immediately smell the difference of the best dog jerky on the market No nitrates, no additives. Check the treats you currently have at home and compare ingredients. How many of your treats list corn or grain as the first ingredient? How many are Gluten Free, Grain Free and GMO free? The safest, most delicious treat you can give your dog, and it won't make your hands smell afterward. Great for any size dog at any stage of life from puppy to adulthood. Designed to be broken into any size
Dogs instinctively respond to this as it's cured, not cooked. Dogs are designed to eat raw meat. Watch your dog hanging on your every command. You could not wish for a more perfect training treat. The Real Thing Natural Pet Treats are awesome. My three dogs love them. I love that they are good for them.  The Real Thing is an established organic health food supplement company producing only the highest quality ingredients for human clients. As animal lovers we are concerned with harmful ingredients found in Chinese pet treats and bad ingredients found in pet treats made in the USA and felt obliged to produce a completely natural and healthy alternative.
Following The Real Thing tradition to provide only the best, we now extend that to your furry family. These  treats for dogs contain no chemical ingredients, grains, fillers, rendered by-products, sugar, artificial preservatives like nitrates, or ingredients pets may be allergic to. The Real Thing Natural Pet Treat is based on a family recipe almost two centuries old brought to South Africa by the Voortrekkers who had a unique way of curing meat, as there was no refrigeration making a delicious treat that remained fresh for months. This tried and tested traditional recipe has been modified for your pet's health and taste buds with less salt, spices and very lean beef to produce this unique, healthy, delicious snack.
You can order these on Amazon and they have free 2 -Day Prime Shipping so you can start giving your dogs the healthiest treats as soon as possible. 5 of my lucky readers are also going to win 1 bag of treats each for our Furbabies!
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