Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Instant Win Daily Sweepstakes

Instant win sweepstakes are always fun. You never know when you're going to win, and even if it is something as small as a candy bar, it brightens your whole day!

Below is a list of current instant win games & sweeps with their expiration dates. Be sure to let me know if you win anything or if you find any sweepstakes that I should add to the list!

Ending in January:

Walmart Tailgate Sweeps: 167 prizes, daily, ends 1/10/15
Popeyes Bahamas Bowl: 300 prizes, daily, ends 1/15/15
Chicken Soup for the Soul: 10,200 instant wins, daily, ends 1/31/15
Pampers Memory Match: 120 Prizes, daily, ends 1/31/15
EnVision Sweeps: Over 120 prizes, daily, 1/31/15
Organic Valley Protein Shake Giveaway: 100 a day, daily, ends 1/31/15

Ending in February:

Hooter's Football Sweeps: 93 prizes, daily, ends 2/1/15
Purina Prize Bowl: 1130 prizes, daily, ends 2/11/15

Burger King Whodunnit Sweepstakes- 150 prizes, daily, ends 2/13/15
Snickers Instant Win: 100,500 prizes, daily, ends 2/27/15
Nestle: 290 prizes, daily, ends 2/27/15
King's Hawaiian: $10K grand prize, 59 instant wins, daily, ends 2/28/15
Kikkoman Juicy Bird Sweeps: 4,400 prizes, daily, ends 2/28/15

Ending in March:

Neebo Instant Win: 2,770 prizes, daily, ends 3/1/15
Ricola Spin & Win: 2,400 prizes, daily, ends 3/31/15

**Most sweepstakes listed are US only, read official rules for entry requirements.

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